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Think your blog has got what it takes to be 'Best of British'? Then, why not enter yourself for the Guardian Blog Awards 2003. Still not sure what a blog is? Well, try these articles out: Guardian Unlimited: What is a Blog? and a posting from Marketing Tom - 'Blog on!'

Blog on!

For those of you who may have come across this website through Google, or other means, this is what is called a Web log (or Blog). It allows me to jot down my opinions, or my take on a particular subject, and publish them in an instant. If I wanted, I could update this site through my mobile phone (cool!). I can invite people to “Comment” on my blog by selecting the “Comments” box in the control panel of this site and if you would like to reference this site you can use a trackback feature (see below).

I have set this site up so that all my postings, articles, call them what you wish, are put into categories and at the end of a specified period are indexed into my archives. Once I have written this post it appears on the main TypePad page, on other TypePad user pages (those who have selected this option) and on various blog directories. My short term objective is to increase the number of different referrers to this site.

Blogs are certainly on the increase and the great thing about them is their transparency. I intend to dedicate some time to finding out how TypePadders, and other Bloggers, generate traffic to their site and look forward to sharing this information in this blog.