Blog Search Engine and RSS Directories

This is a great page to bookmark for all of those people who have a web log (blog) or RSS feeds. Robin Good of MasterNewMedia has compiled a list of over 55 sites where you can submit your blogs or RSS feeds. He says that he has personally tested all of them. This page also offers some good tips to help you drive more traffic to your site.

RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

How blogs can make money

Here's an interesting article I came across in Wired, about a journalist who makes his money by writing online about the online media business. Rafat Ali reckons that his blog, Paid Content, will generate between $60-80,000 this year. It may be over 6 months' old but it is still worth a read:

Blogging for Bucks

Blog Definition

Not quite sure what a blog is? Then, here are some definitions from emarketing expert Debbie Weil.
Top 20 Definitions of Blogging

Blogging Survey Results

Just came across some interesting survey results on blogs from the Blog Search Engine. Of the 610 correspondents, 28.9% said they updated their blog once a day and only 13.84% ran adversting on their site. For more results go to Blogging Results Survey.

TypePad Domain Mapping

This is an entry on one of my other blogs, Mad About Madrid, that people may find of use if they're trying to set up domain name mapping on TypePad.

Domain Name Mapping

Marketing Tom update

Have just checked the site and Google has given Marketing Tom its first Page Rank - 3/10. Though, it's not as high as I would like, it has been a great month on the internet marketing front. Going back a month and the site wasn't even listed on Google, now it is regularly cached (Google does like it when I add new articles) and 35 pages have already been listed on Google. The site also has 12 inbound links and other search engines are picking the site up, too.

Marketing Tom gets 36 pages listed on Google

36 pages of this blog have now been picked up by Google. Having finally been picked up on the 10th November, this is great news, indeed. If you would like the full list of pages, type this into the Google search box: I recently added a short navigation bar on this site, which puts a 'Home' link on every page, and have started to actively 'put the name about' on a number of Blogs (see previous entry). These may well have had an effect. Let's just hope Google indexes them all soon.

Marketing Tom has finally been picked up by Google – party time!!

After over a month, Marketing Tom has finally been picked up by the Google Search Engine. By the looks of things Google listed the site on the 8th November and again on the 9th - maybe it's feeling guilty for not coming by before!! In addition, one of the sub-pages has been picked up by Hotbot. Let's hope they will pick up more pages over the coming month.

Developing links – discover yourself!

Following on from my previous posting, I'm going to follow Jeremy Wright's advice, of Ensight, and learn how people can discover this site through my discovery of other sites!

SEO: To Get Discovered: Discover Others!