What Was Your First Ever Tweet?

Do you know what your first ever Tweet was? I was just modifying my Twitter Training Course web page and was curious to find out when my first tweet was. Well, it was tweeted 8 years and 3 months' ago. In this tweet I am talking about preparing for a Web 2.0 workshop; today I say "Social Media Marketing" workshops.


And here is the first ever Tweet, from Twitter's Jack Dorsey:

These are some tweets from other well-known people:

Bill Gates

Ellen DeGeneres

Pope Francis

Barack Obama

Cristiano Ronaldo

To discover your first tweet, head over to Twitter.

4 Facebook Page Features You May Find of Interest

Facebook Pages has been a phenomenon for businesses for a few years now. Brands, local government, charities and SME's are all using it and each one is trying to figure out how to maximise it's potential for their organisation. Well, here are some features which we think may be of interest to you.

Facebook is trialling a new feature with Messenger for Business that allows customers to connect with businesses once an order has been placed. Imagine having the ability to reach out directly to head of sales once you place an order? fb1

Did you know that you can create a call to action from within your Facebook header? It can be anything along the lines of what you see in the following image


When you like a Facebook page, there is a chance that you may miss out on events that they publish - possibly due to quirks of the Facebook Algorithm. But now you can increase visibility for your events by inviting your Facebook fans to subscribe to your Events page.Once an event is posted they will receive notification.fb-events

According to Fortune magazine, in an article titled 'How Facebook's video-traffic explosion is shaking up the advertising world', Facebook's video traffic is now reaching 4 billion views a day! And check this out - 70% of all videos on Facebook are uploaded directly to Facebook and not through YouTube (last year it was 75% for YouTube). With Facebook users totalling 1.4 billion and Facebook/Instagram accounting for 1 in every 5 minutes spent on smartphones (in US), we can see that video is VERY important. So, is it time to rethink your online video strategy?


Analyse Twitter Accounts Using Riffle

Here's a neat tool that you can use explore the Twitter accounts of other users. Say, you're following a client and want to get to know the numbers of retweets they tend to get, their followers, top hashtags, and other interesting metrics, you would need to visit their Twitter account and do some research. However, with Riffle  (Chrome plugin) you simply click on an icon next to their Twitter account and, hey presto, the information appears in a neat sidebar.

Here's an example of how the Riffle icon appears in your Twitter timeline. Notice that it appears next to each Twitter name.


Simply clicking on the icon brings in this inserting snapshot of that Twitter account, which includes 'retweets/tweet', 'favorites/tweet', top hashtags, mentions and URL's and even tells you which is their preferred platform.


Riffle reckons that this tool is useful for the following roles: marketers, customer service, agencies and sales and can be used for competitor analysis, finding influencers (it also includes a Klout score),  insights on leads and customers and improving customer experience.

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Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

You may be familiar, or just heard, of the periodic table of chemical elements but I thought I'd share with you the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors. We have started to introduce this useful Search Engine Optimisation framework to students on both the Digital Marketing Planning and Digital Marketing Essentials courses that we run. As Search Engine Land authors note: "SEO seems like alchemy to the uninitiated" but this useful diagrammatic representation of the key factors will hopefully offer you some clues as to what you should be focusing on for success. They divide the table into "On-The-Page-SEO" and "Off-The-Page-SEO" and each element is ranked from -3 to +3. The on-the-page SEO includes areas such as: content, HTML and architecture, whilst the "off-the-page SEO" includes links, trust, social and personal. Each of these are further broken down to give you, if you're not familiar, a glimpse of what you might want to adjust.We hope that it will help you to look at SEO in a slightly different way.


Sign Up For Our 2-Day Google AdWords Masterclass Today!

liberty-adwordsWould you like to learn how to use Google AdWords successfully? Our two-day workshop aims to take AdWords users from beginner/intermediate-level to intermediate/advanced-level knowledge and experience of using this most powerful of mediums. The course is delivered on two consecutive months to give people  people time to explore and understand the foundations of AdWords and then to apply them to their own organisations.


Marketing Tom Media has collaborated with Liberty Marketing, a Google Partner and one of the top 10 AdWords agencies in the UK, to create an interactive two-day course that will teach you how to take your AdWords to another level. You will also learn the secrets of some of the best PPC campaigns in the UK. Check our Google AdWords Training page to find out more.

New Search Analytics Reports in Webmaster Tools

Google is currently rolling out a new (beta) tool within Webmaster Tools. Replacing Search Queries, the Search Analytics tool allows you to analyse your search queries in more detail. The search box within Search Analytics lets you measure 'Clicks', 'Impressions', 'CTR' and 'Position' against Queries, Pages, etc (see below). This update is certainly an improvement over the previous version and offers SEO and Webmaster folk more detail, especially as they can apply various filters. This set up very much reminds me of the dimensions and metrics elements within Google Analytics.

So, let's take a quick look at its latest functionality. Notice how the selection of 'Clicks' brings in the keywords with the highest amount of clicks for the stated time period. Should you wish to add a filter, Webmaster Tools will allow you to filter in/out certain aspects (USA in countries) or compare. The date selector allows you to select a date range or compare date periods - again a very useful tool.clicks3

Let's say that you wanted to analyse the clickthrough rate for a given keyword and its relative position in Google searches, you simply select "Query" and apply "Clicks", "CTR" and "Impressions" against it. This can allow you to measure your performance against competitors or even try and see how you could improve the CTR - possibly through meta description/content or page title mods.
If you're looking at opportunities that might be going a begging, select "Clicks" and "Impressions" and measure them against "Queries". If you run down the list of keywords you will then find Google Organic queries where you're not appearing. You'll obviously need to look at the "Impressions" to work out which ones you'll wish to target. Then you'll need to work out how to optimise pages around these words to get more clicks for those keywords.


So, as we can see this tool can be quite useful for different insights into how your web pages are performing for certain searches on Google.

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Tweeting With Comments Comes To Twitter

One of the main complaints that people have with Twitter is that, unlike third party or mobile apps such as Tweetdeck or Twitter for Mobile, you can't add a comment to your retweets (unless you do them manually). Well, no more! Early last week Twitter FINALLY launched its "ReTweet with Comment" feature on the desktop version of Twitter. Today, if you click on the Retweet button you will get this:


It allows you to click either Auto Retweet (where you have nothing to add):


or to add your own comment:

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 07.55.54

One thing to bear in mind is that the comment section of this new feature allows you up to 116 characters. This is certainly very beneficial as prior to this (on other apps/platforms) your comments on retweets had to make do with whatever characters were left over from the original tweet.

Thanks Twitter!

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How’s This For A Shortened URL?

Using Twitter Ads To Target Specific Twitter Audiences

The other day I came across a website called Squared which is:

the award-winning digital marketing course for ambitious marketing managers, bright grads and professionals looking to enter the industry. Built by the best practitioners and delivered online, we are a new movement in career learning.

Curious as to what this new offering was, as with most things related to digital marketing training or otherwise, I decided to sign up. However, I didn't complete the application as they were asking for a £250 deposit and full payment of £1449 - at that point I lost interest.  The following day I started to see promoted ads, such as the one below, appearing in my Twitter timeline.


For all users of Twitter I'm sure that you've seen these Promoted Tweets and there's a good chance they are relevant to yourself. So, what is going here and how did this ad appear? Is it because of my interests or a word I mentioned in my tweets? Or could it have been because I was identified and my Twitter handle added to Twitter Ads?

Well, one thing that might have happened is they typed in my name in to the 'Add Followers' section of the Twitter Campaign dashboard and, hey presto, discovered my name. They may also have gone one step further (see below) and identified similar people from this search query and added them to their list.


This is perfectly feasible, though the company in question Squared would have had to search for "Alun John" and then make sure that they selected the right one - in this case it might have been relatively easy, though a little too mechanical.

Or did they use one of the following Twitter features, which are really quite something?

  • Website Tag for Remarketing
  • Tailored Audiences
  • TV Targeting
  • Device, carrier, and new mobile user targeting

Website Tag for Remarketing allows you to place code on your website and once this is in place it collects cookie ID's of users and matches them to Twitter ID's; this data once collected then allows you to display ads to your visitors when they visit their Twitter timeline.


Tailored Audiences is a great feature which allows you to upload information from your own audiences (think lists - email lists or mobile phone numbers) and again Twitter identifies which of these data entries corresponds to a Twitter user; then your ads can be placed on these user's timelines. Let's just assume that you wanted to upload customer email list you would export one of your lists, from Mailchimp for example, and import it into Twitter; your Mailchimp users would then see ads tailored to them and created within a Twitter campaign. The sort of lists you can create are the following:


The other element within Tailored Audiences that people might find of interest relates to Mobile Apps. It allows you to tailor campaigns to (or exclude) to your audience who signed up or installed an app.

TV Targeting is available to those views in certain countries (the UK, SA and Spain most others) and lets you target people according to TV show targeting: There are two options to reach people engaged with specific TV programming, TV network targeting and TV genre targeting. Device, geo-targeting and language can also be added as features.

The final option for targeting comes from Device, carrier, and new mobile user targeting. There are many options available for advertisers here including the option to focus on OS and whether people are wifi users. So as we can see the options for targeting on Twitter are varied and very exciting. Let me know if you've used any of them and did you achieve the objectives you set to achieve.

In the case of Squared, I assume that the way they targeted me was probably from an email list of new enquiries but from those who hadn't quite gone through to payment!

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