Sleek new update for the Google Analytics mobile app

This week saw the launch of the latest mobile version of the Google Analytics app. And, I must say Google has created a very smart interface from which to check out the latest stats from your websites or web apps.  These are some of the highlights:

  • Easy access to a full overview of your Google Analytics data
  • See what is happening now with real-time business data
  •  Go deeper into your reports with segments
  •  Customize your own mobile dashboard
  •  Easily share your insights with others

And here is just one example. As Google says, "You can now build or modify a report quickly and save it to your mobile dashboard."


There does appear to be a whole raft of neat features in this app and the interface is much more user friendly and attractive. I particularly like the ability to create your own dashboard and to it add to it from any of your standard reports. The feature for firing off an email from any email is also neat. The scroll ability within the report is also quite cool as it lets you dig deeper into the reports.  This weekend why not give it a whirl - I'm sure you'll like it. If you haven't already downloaded it, you can head over to  Google Play (Android)or Apple iTunes (iOS).

A Keyword Research Tool for Digital Marketers

Quite a few students will be carrying out keyword research for their CIM/CAM assignments and others will be doing research on behalf of their companies for SEO/PPC/Social Media reasons. Whatever the reason, I'm sure that you might well find an use for the Answer the Public keyword tool. What it does is take your keyword combinations and adds questions and prepositions to them. Also, in a similar way to Google Suggest it comes up with alphabetical combinations which can be added to the end of your keyword query. Why not give it a whirl and test out the various visual and data table options?


Social Media Trends 2016

You may be wondering where Social Media is going this year. What are the trends to look out for? Are there any new techniques? What platforms will win out? To this end, I thought I'd create a compendium of articles from some of the top Digital/Social Media sites to try and help you figure out what 2016 might hold for Social Media and your business.

Inc. have identified 3 Biggest Social Media Trends to Know for 2016 and they include:

  1. Video becoming the native advertising platform of choice
  2. Virtual reality becoming a buzz worthy platform
  3. The rise of mobile messaging for customer interaction

Social Media Examiner's 2016 Social Media Marketing Predictions From the Experts includes 10 hot trends selected by 14 experts

  1. Social Media goes private - think groups like LinkedIn and messaging
  2. Get ready to pay more for traffic - this could include Twitter developing an algorithm like Facebook to display tweets
  3. Visual customised by platform become critical. Peg Fitzpatrick says that, "Creating anchor content for your website and breaking it into contextual pieces to natively post to each platform will be essential". Wow!
  4. Live video goes mainstream. We're going to see more Persicope and the opening up of Facebook live to more accounts

Econsultancy has come up with its 11 pivotal social media trends for 2016

  1. Live streaming - yet again this seems to rear its head.
  2. New social publishing formats - they reckon the growth of Snapchat Discover, Twotter Moments and Facebook Instant Articles points to a trend of keeping viewers 'in app' which will, in turn lead to more ad engagement.
  3. Video Innovation - we will see brands getting more creative with video content. Think virtual reality style ads!
  4. The even bigger rise of the buy button - we will see more brands using the 'Buy' buttons on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

Forbes magazine came up with The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016

    1. In-the-moment updates will dominate - with the growth of Persicope over the past year we may see the demise of scheduled posts and the rise of 'in-the-moment' updates.
    2. Buy buttons will take over - it will be interesting to see how this does develop or whether we'll get 'buy-button-blindness'.
    3. User privacy concerns will hit an all-time high - the author Jason DeMeyers believes that only platforms 'which offer a degree of privacy and security will continue to thrive'.

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Ten Tips To Improve Twitter Performance

On the @TwitterSmallBiz account you can find a whole host of tips to ensure that you are maximising your use of Twitter. Here are a 10 that I came across this morning and wanted to share with you.

1. Pinning Tweets To the Top of Your Timeline


2. Include Prices


3. Take Images On Your Camera At Events (Don't forget to hashtag!)


4. Schedule Your Tweets


5. Share Pics of Your Staff


Some Interesting New Tools From Twitter

Jack Dorsey is back at the helm of Twitter and it looks like things have been fairly busy over there for the past few weeks. Whilst some of the news outlets have focused on Twitter's growth problems Jack and his team have been getting on with the job of improving Twitter. So, where shall we start?

Loves replace Favourites

Well, yesterday Twitter decided to turn its "favourites" button into a heart and call it "Likes". If you listen to some people, you'd think the Twittersphere had exploded but, I must say, I quite the idea. I was never really sure about favouriting - was it for me to save (bookmark) or to say to people that I liked what they were tweeting? Well, this button seems to make more sense and I'm sure my number of 'loves' will increase!

Twitter Polls

Another recent development (2 weeks' old actually) which you may have seen on your desktop or mobile devices is the poll function. This allows you to create snap polls to get quick feedback from your audience on all manner of subjects. The two-choice poll appears in your compose box, lasts for 24 hours and polling is anonymous.


The Content Marketing Matrix

Are you looking for ideas to help you develop your content marketing strategy? Well, you just might find this matrix, created by First 10 and Smart Insights, to be of use. I'm sure it will start you thinking of the huge number of ways you can get your target audience to engage with your content (and hence your company or brand) and to think of the types of content that exist out on the internet. As Danyl Bosomworth says, the matrix "is structured to help you think through the dimensions of different content based on how your audience might think and what you're trying to achieve as a business".


Students on the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing and the digital electives of the Certificate in Professional Marketing and the Diploma in Professional Marketing will be familiar with the term content marketing and its many applications. For those who are new to content marketing here is a definition from the Content Marketing Institute:

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

I'm sure that for this looking to develop content marketing strategies or students looking to get some inspiration/ideas on how to answer exam papers, this will prove to be very useful. So,  why not download this useful template today and use it to kickstart your content marketing strategy?

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2015

Every year Mary Meeker issues a report on the latest Internet trends. This year you have 196 slides where you can discover the latest trends, stats and innovations. This is great for those involved in digital marketing who may use it to help shape strategy, as an aid to convince the boss of your digital plan or to give presentations. It is also superb as a reference for those who are doing digital marketing qualifications. So, make yourselves a cup of tea, sit back and be prepared to learn LOADS!

What Are The Right Image Sizes For Social Media Posts?

According to Bufferapp Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. Socialbakers, who looked at the top 10% of posts made by more than 30,000 Facebook brand pages, discovered that posts with photos saw the most interactions 87% of the total.

I use the following two Social Media apps fairly often - Facebook and Twitter, for both business and personal accounts. Quite often I will need to find the right image for a Facebook update, change a cover or profile photo, add event images or even do some Facebook advertising. These days most of the posts that I add to Twitter will have some form of image and the same applies to Twitter advertising. One of my preferred apps for creating these Social Media images is Canva and before I start creating these images I often find myself typing keywords into Google along the lines of, "what is the image size of a Facebook cover photo".

The other day, whilst trying to find the "ultimate guide", I came across a very useful resource. Buffer have created The Mega Guide to Ideal Image Sizes for Your Social Media Posts: Guidelines for All 6 Major Social Networks, a resource that looks at the top 6 Social Media networks and offers up a cheat sheet on the optimum sizes for your Social Media images. They reckon that they will return to this page to update it as and when required. So, head over there now, bookmark the page and start creating optimum images on your Social Media channels.

Here are some tips from the Social Media channels themselves:

Customizing your profile
Fb pages: Sizes & Dimensions
What size should my ad image be? (Ad Images)
Create or edit channel art

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We have a number of courses lined up for the upcoming months, which cover both  CIM Accredited courses and Non-Accredited one-day workshops. The ones listed below are delivered in either in Cardiff or London; for more bespoke solutions, check out our in-house courses.

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