Delivering a consistent brand experience for our customers


Don't forget to register for today's CIM webinar to hear Chris King, Global Marketing Manager at Transitions Optical, and Jens Lundgaard, CEO of Brandworkz, talk about how to give your customers the best and most powerful brand experiences every time they interact with your brands.

What you'll learn:

  1. Why brand experience matters more than ever
  2. Key brand experience challenges facing brands
  3. The principles of delivering outstanding brand experiences to your customers
  4. Three key takeaways
  5. Real examples from Transitions Optical

Presenter: Chris King, Jens Lundgaard
Date: Wednesday 05 October
Time: 13:00 BST
Duration: 1 hour with live Q&A

Regster on the CIM website. And if you can't make it, they'll send you a link to watch later.

Congratulations to our CAM Diploma Students

Copy of Copy of Congratulations!We are pleased that for another exam board we have raised the bar again and our students have achieved success across all three of our CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing modules. And not only did we achieve 100% pass rate but our students managed to get 50% A's and 50% B's. Well done to all our students. We know how much hard work you have put in and you thoroughly deserve these results.

Social Media Marketing Reports 2016

Many students will be starting off their new academic year this month and there's a very good chance that some of you will be attending accredited digital courses, such as the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing, non-accredited courses such as the Social Media ones we offer or even University degrees. From our experience we know that there is a huge amount of information that you have to sift through and very often you will have to justify, quote, reference and provide stats for much of the digital work you present. To try to make at least one part of this a little easier, we have trawled the web looking for useful stats and figures on Social Media that you can use for reports or even in presentations for your organisations.

So, here we go:

  1. 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report (Social Media Examiner) - This is a pretty detail report from Michael A Stelzner who heads up Social Media Examiner
  2. We Are Social reports on the state of digital in 2016 (We are Social) - this is a pretty hefty collation from the guys at We are Social. There is a slide deck on here that numbers 537!
  3. 2016 State of Social Marketing Report (Simply Measured) - A 46-page report that includes a survey of social marketers, industry reports, and original research.
  4. The 2016 Australian Sensis Social Media report (Sensis) - For all you Aussies out there here are some Australian-focused stats.
  5. State of Social Media Marketing (Marketing Profs) - a neat little infographic to give you a quick idea of what might happen in 2016.
  6. The State of Digital Marketing 2016 (Smart Insights) - yet another infographic but from Dave Chaffey and crew.
  7. Taking Part focus on: social media (UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport) - this report looks at people in England who use social media and their demographic characteristics.
  8. UK Universities Social Media Benchmarking Report 2016 (Interactive Software) - for those in the UK HE sector this might prove of interest.
  9. FT Digital Media 2016 (FT) - 9 videos on digital trends for you to get your teeth into.
  10. 96 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts for 2016 (Brandwatch) - want some stats to dazzle people with? Then you should head over here.
  11. Social Marketing Reports (Social Bakers) - looking for global, up-to-date stats. Check out Social Bakers.
  12. DMA Insight: Social
    data Integration report 2016
    - this is a useful 22-page document focused on the UK.
  13. Adults’ media use and attitudesAdults’ media use and attitudes (Ofcom) - amongst other areas it considers there is a section on Social media in this 201-page report.
  14. Social Media and the WorkplaceSocial Media and the Workplace - this is an interesting report on how Americans use Social Media in the workplace.
  15. State of ChineseSocial Media in 2016 (Kantar) - a brief but concise overview of where Chinese Social Media is in 2016.

Bonus: Branding in the Age of Social Media (Harvard Business Review)

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Wales/Cymru Marketing Awards 2016


It's that time of the year again when the Chartered Institute of Marketing recognises and rewards excellence and celebrates achievements of marketing professionals in Wales giving individuals, teams and organisations the recognition they deserve. The event takes place on 23rd November but before that a panel of judges will decide who gets nominated and, ultimately, who will win the prestigious prizes. Nominations are open for the following categories and will close on the 30th September.


Entry fees are £40 per entry and may be paid by credit card or invoice and you are eligible to enter more than one category. If you would like to nominate an individual or organisation, please head over to the CIM website.

New Academic Year, New Website!

For those who have visited the site before, you will have noticed that the site has changed a little. The previous website was designed (and moved over to in 2010. It has performed very well and brought a decent amount of traffic in from Google searches. The original platform was developed using WordPress and featured the blog on the home page; in fact the blog categories could be accessed from every page. As many of you who use WordPress know, there are two key areas for many users: posts and pages. In our case, the same as for many companies, pages were used to flag up services and the blog was used to discuss topics related to the company, industry trends and to offer insights into new trends - especially relating to SEO, Analytics and Social Media.


However, one key factor has made change inevitable. Back in April 2015 Google announced that it would be "expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal" and sites which were not mobile friendly could see themselves being penalised. Coupled with the fact that mobile overtook desktop a few months prior to this it was inevitable that our site would have to bite the bullet and move over to a responsive theme. And bite the bullet we have!

The new site now features our core business services on the front page and the blog has been moved to a section heading in the main navigation, though the top 3 blog posts can be seen further down the page. A key consideration was to get visitors to the services they required as quickly as possible - whether it's through the 4 services or our forthcoming courses. Facebook feeds have been taken off the home page and feature now as a channel link in the header and tweets now appear in the footer. We have added 2 new menus to the site to aid navigation from the home page and from underlying pages and, unlike many sites, we have retained the original blog categories within the blog section.

For those using mobile devices they will notice that the site automatically resizes according to the resolution of your screen and the main navigation collapses to the standard 'menu' for mobile devices. We hope you like the new site and welcome your thoughts on what you think we could improve on.


Internet Trends 2016 – Mary Meeker

Every year we are treated to an overview of the latest Internet Trends from Mary Meeker. The 2016 Internet Trends for 2016 were presented at the Code Conference 2016. In the Slideshare presentation below you will find 213 slides packed with information on the state of the Internet today. It looks at Internet user growth, Internet advertising, Messaging, video and image sharing, transportation and much, much more.

Mapping the Customer Journey with Google

According to Google their Think with Google website is their way of sharing some of the data they have collated with businesses and organisations. You will find heaps of data on mobile, gaining, YouTube, shopping insights, micro moments, mobile app and much more. If you're developing campaigns, websites or mobile apps, you will find it of particular interest. Today I came across Google's Customer Journey to Online Purchase.  It allows you to (broadly) get an idea of which acquisition tools - like Organic Search, Paid Search and referral - your customers use on the path to becoming a customer. You simply enter the details of your business: the size (SME, medium or small), the industry and the country and Google's interactive map will show you which channels people are using along the way to becoming a customer. Google's journey identifies early assist interactions and last interactions. Here is the customer journey for the Business & Industrial industry.


With regards channels Google lets you select a specific channel  so that you can see its importance on the journey and it also offers tips on which approach you should be using for each. For example, if I select Generic Search I end up with this explanation:

Your Generic Paid Search campaign may have a different impact on your customers depending on when they interact with it. At the beginning of the purchase path, Generic Paid Search helps customers gain awareness of your product or service. In the middle, it creates desire and boosts interest. And at the end, it helps to seal the deal.

Consumer Barometer

This is a really neat tool from Google that helps you analyse the different ways that people use the Internet around the world. Google has collected some good data here that companies (and students) will find very useful and consist of 4 tools.

  • Graph Builder
  • Trended data
  • Audience stories: Brand advocates, Digital Moms, How to videos users and millennials.
  • Discover curated insight

Other Articles of Interest

Social Media Trends 2016
Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors
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Congratulations to ALL our CAM Students

Congratulations!We are pleased to say that for a 2nd consecutive assessment session Marketing Tom Media has achieved a 100% Pass Rate on the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing. But not only did our students pass, 50% managed to achieve 'A' grades, 40% 'B' grades and 10% 'C' grades. To say we are pleased is an understatement! Let's hope that our July and December cohort will achieve similar success.

Sleek new update for the Google Analytics mobile app

This week saw the launch of the latest mobile version of the Google Analytics app. And, I must say Google has created a very smart interface from which to check out the latest stats from your websites or web apps.  These are some of the highlights:

  • Easy access to a full overview of your Google Analytics data
  • See what is happening now with real-time business data
  •  Go deeper into your reports with segments
  •  Customize your own mobile dashboard
  •  Easily share your insights with others

And here is just one example. As Google says, "You can now build or modify a report quickly and save it to your mobile dashboard."


There does appear to be a whole raft of neat features in this app and the interface is much more user friendly and attractive. I particularly like the ability to create your own dashboard and to it add to it from any of your standard reports. The feature for firing off an email from any email is also neat. The scroll ability within the report is also quite cool as it lets you dig deeper into the reports.  This weekend why not give it a whirl - I'm sure you'll like it. If you haven't already downloaded it, you can head over to  Google Play (Android)or Apple iTunes (iOS).