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Coinciding with the launch of our Digital Marketing Mentoring service - aimed at supporting and guiding clients with all aspects of digital marketing -  we thought that for our Autumn book competition we would offer a book which was somehow connected with this. And the one that immediately came to mind was Bob Berg's the Go Giver - an awesome book and international bestseller.

The Go-Giver tells the story of an ambitious young man named Joe who yearns for success. Joe is a true go-getter, though sometimes he feels as if the harder and faster he works, the further away his goals seem to be. And so one day, desperate to land a key sale at the end of a bad quarter, he seeks advice from the enigmatic Pindar, a legendary consultant referred to by his many devotees simply as the Chairman.

This book has been around for almost 10 years but is still hugely relevant,from both a business and personal standpoint.

Nearly a decade since its original publication, the term “go-giver” has become shorthand for a defining set of values embraced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Today this timeless story continues to help its readers find fulfillment and greater success in business, in their personal lives and in their communities.

I'm sure you will love it!

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Congratulations to our CIM and CAM Students

Marketing Tom is pleased to announce that ALL our students on the CAM Diploma and CIM Foundation Certificate have passed their modules for the July exam board. 86% of our students got A and B results for the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing and we are pleased to say that for our CIM Foundation Certificate our first set of students on the course have also picked up their certificates - again with great grades! Well done to all of you, we know how much time and effort you have put into your work. This means that we have maintained our 100% pass rate for over 2 years - with most students getting 'A's' and 'B's'.

If you'd like to discover more about our CIM courses, please visit the CIM course page.

Multiple Images Make LinkedIn Posts Much More Interesting

LinkedIn has recently refreshed its update facility to allow users to add multiple images to posts. This latest development is designed to make your posts much more interesting to your followers. Imagine you're at a conference or even if you want to showcase features of your latest products, this might be of interest to you. 

Social Media Spotlight On: Flavourly Craft Beers

This article started out as a focus on customer love within social media: that is how brands embrace/encourage their customers to positively interact with the brand using tools such as images on Instagram or retweets, but it then developed into a review on how an online Craft brewery was using social media.  It is the 2nd such article we have done on this subject - the first being on Starbucks Social Media efforts . Flavourly is an Edinburgh-based craft beer club, which sends monthly boxes of craft beer to its customers. I came across them through some tweets that appeared in my Twitter timeline. Ironically, the first tweet I saw was a little dig at them for including one bottle less in their monthly pack - however, it was followed up by an apology and a promise to rectify said error.

How does Flavourly work?

They invite you to either sign up for a monthly 'supply' of 10 bottles or to offer this delivery as a gift to friends (the company also has a gin club). The cost of membership is £20 and includes a selection of light, dark or mixed cases. Flavourly encourage  you to rate the beers so they can be personalised to your own tastes. And here is some blurb from their own website:

At Flavourly, our team of top beer experts help you discover the best small batch craft beer from UK (and beyond) microbreweries who brew with a passion for quality, not quantity!

What Social Media channels do they use?

Flavourly use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. There is a blog but it looks like it may have been mothballed as they haven't updated it for over a year. YouTube and Vimeo accounts can be found but little activity has happened on them.


The company has a very good following on both Facebook and Twitter with a decent following on Instagram. Their approach to using these social media channels, appears on the surface, to be quite different. Facebook is a channel that is used to introduce the craft beer companies that they have teamed up with and whose beer they offer clients. They give some insights to the companies and very often include 'behind-the-scenes' peeks as to how these companies operate. These updates are enjoyed by customers as they help tell the brand's story. Here is one such example:

Have you heard the amazing story of Hillstown Brewery? A passionate pair of eejits in Northern Ireland decided to feed...

Posted by on Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Twitter seems to be an ideal channel for retweeting 'customer love'. To a large part the company itself is proactive in 'pushing' customers to publish images - each craft beer boxes is emblazoned with the words:

"Grab a brew, snap a picture, and join the community on Twitter using the hashtag below, it's lots of fun!"

Here are some recent examples of their customers publishing user generated content:

and another:

Their Instagram account - FlavourlyHq seems to be made up of user generated content from the folks at Flavourly. It features their beer, their suppliers, their staff, some behind-the-scenes images and images of boxes/materials/magazine. All good stuff.

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Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2017

For all you Internet stat monkeys out there, this is probably the highlight of the year for you - the presentation of Mary Meeker's Internet Trends report.  And this year you have an absolute treat as she has packed 355 slides into this slide deck. 

Here's what some of the folks on Twitter have learnt/are saying about it:

And this one on newspapers:

And here's one on mobile usage - over 3 hours per day in USA

Someone identified that 69 of the 355 slides were dedicated to online advertising.

Whilst these guys found it interesting that Marketing topped the cloud services used.

3 Great Tools To Create Better Instagram For Business Updates

Every week there seems to be new developments in Social Media, designed to make the platforms easier to use or to create more functionality or as as ways to help you help them generate more money! Here are a few which are generally used on Instagram, but some can be used on Facebook, which will help offer a better experience for your customers. Instagram is definitely one channel that marketers need to consider, especially considering that there are 600 million "Instagrammers" and it is adding 50% more users per month these days than it had been over the previous two years.


Layout is an app by Instagram that lets you combine, flip and mirror multiple photos into a single image for a fun, one-of-a-kind take on your photos. You can do it all from your phone. Check out the video below to hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas for creating engaging photos. Download the app on iOS or Android.


According to Instagram with Boomerang "you can make everyday moments fun and unexpected with captivating mini videos that loop back and forth. All you need is a little movement, your phone and the Boomerang app for iOS or Android". A key ingredient for this app, along with the one below is movement.


Hyperlapse does away with the need for "bulky tripods and expensive equipment" - ideal in a world where most of us, and especially digital marketer, will have access to the latest smartphone technology. Hyperlapse seems to solve one of marketer's main bugbears and that is shaky video footage. And as Instagram says, "even the most common of subjects can turn into a cool, well-made video." Check out the video below and give the app a test drive on iOS or Android.

Social Media Spotlight On: Starbucks

I thought I'd begin a series of blog articles focusing on what some of the brands are doing on Twitter.  Starbucks is the first company that we'll point a spotlight on. Over the past few years Starbucks has featured in some form or other on most of our our Social Media courses. They are a company that really seem to get social media and are often at the cutting edge when it comes to new, innovative use of social networks. we must also remember that their products/stores easily lend themselves to the visual updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As you'll see below they also garner a steady stream of likes, retweets and replies. Promoting a new seasonal initiative.

Wonderful use of gif images. Makes you want to buy one, doesn't it?

Neat way of getting some engagement. Notice the use of the hashtag.

Focusing on a worthy initiative - in a fun way, enraging way.

When Starbucks want to make a big impression they work with amazing animators like Rachel Ryle, who creates really special animated gifs.

Retweeting selected tweets. Like many brands Starbucks is careful in its selection of tweets to retweet. For the most part it tends to retweet text-only tweets like this one:

though once in a while when a Twitter user exploits the right mix of visual and text (story), Starbucks will retweet out (notice how this is a tweet from an employee, though).

Enter Our Spring Competition To Win A Free Book!

'Truly addictive'
Malcolm Gladwell * 'Brilliant' Susan Cain * 'Essential' Charles Duhigg

This Spring we thought we'd offer as a free prize Adam Alter's, Irresistible. You won't believe the number of times we get asked what makes social media and mobile so addictive. There are so many factors at play here and we hope that you'll find the answers in this book.

How many times have you checked your phone today? Why are messaging apps, email and social media so hard to resist? How come we always end up watching another episode?

In recent years, media and technology have perfected the lucrative art of gaining and holding our attention. This extraordinary feat has changed the behaviour of billions of people, and especially the young: by current medical standards, we are experiencing an unprecedented, global pandemic of addiction. But what exactly is an addiction? And what, if anything, might we do about it?

From cliff-hangers to earworms, from religion to pornography, and from the awesome allure of the 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' app to the unexpected benefits of the 'butt-brush effect', Irresistible blends fascinating stories with ingenious science to explain how and why we all got hooked. Revealing the surprising causes and sometimes bizarre nature of addiction, this book will equip you with the tools and understanding you need to navigate our irresistible new world.

To enter the competition to win this free book, please complete the form below. The winner will be notified on Thursday, April 13th 2017.

11 Benefits of Using the WordPress Platform

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbWe have been involved in blogging since around 2003 and have been offering blogging courses for many years (starting in 2005). Over the last year or so we have been delivering WordPress courses. We think that WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging platforms out there and with its relative ease of use it is an ideal solution for those who have limited html experience. Here are some of the reasons why we think WordPress is such a great platform.

  1. It's free - is free and even downloading the 'kit' to develop yourself is free (hosting is something you will have to sort out).
  2. Scalable - both in terms of what you want to achieve and in terms of your knowledge. If you want basic functionality, why not start out with WordPress' hosted solution? Want more functionality? Host in on your own server (but you my need html knowledge unless you use a pricier like GoDaddy).
  3. Easy to use - understand how to use Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail? Then WordPress should come easy to you. This is one, very intuitive platform.
  4. Up-to-date - if you're using the hosted version of WordPress, you will be prompted to update to the latest version. If it's hosted by someone like GoDaddy or some other hosting company it's straightforward to update. These updates mean that you can always take advantage of the very latest advances from this platform.
  5. Browser not desktop based - you can access WordPress from any browser, desktop or laptop regardless of where you are.
  6. Search Engines love it - it's structured so well for search engines. Headlines become page titles and URL's and the underlying architecture is solid. Just notice how your pages start appearing for myriad searches on google, et al. But don't forget YOU still have to understand how SEO works to help. There are some plugins such as Yoast SEO for WordPress and All in One SEO Pack, which will AID you in your SEO efforts.
  7. 3rd party themes and plugins - both the hosted and self-hosted versions offer a wide variety of website themes and plugins to give the look and functionality of your site/blog. Check these WordPress themes and these WordPress plugins for starters.
  8. It's a blog and a website - WordPress has two key parts: pages and posts which allow you not just to write blog articles (posts) but also pages which can help to flag up products, services, contact us and about us pages.
  9. Mobile ready - we know that Google is a 'mobile first' company but WordPress also lets you create sites which are responsive and designed for both desktop and laptop viewing.
  10. Social media friendly - whether you want to connect up your channels on your blog or just allow visitors to share your content on their favourite platforms, WordPress already has this functionality built in. You can place your social media channel buttons where you wish on your template and add the most suitable social plugins to your blog articles or posts.
  11. Great administration - WordPress lets you add users, with different privileges, who can create, adminster or edit different elements of the site.

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