Search Engine Optimization in Action

The other day I noticed that the pages that Google had spidered on Marketing Tom fell into 2 categories:

1. Those which where the page title was displayed:
Search Engine Marketing – Meta Tags (Step 4) and
2. those which only displayed the URL:

Needless to say that your ranking on Google is much better when the page title is displayed. When I found out that an important page on my other blog, Mad About Madrid, was not listed I took one simple step - I put a keyword link on the left-hand navigation bar to that page. The result: within a couple of days Google had re-spidered the page and it was appearing in position number 2 for my keywords (if you want to try it out, type in "Plaza de Cibeles" on Google).

Search Engine Optimization Experiment
I would like to use this article to demonstrate how the above can be achieved. I will simply put links to all the articles below and wait for Google to re-spider the pages and add in the page titles. You will obviously notice that the keyword link is the same as the page title on the destination page. In order to further help this process, I have also included a new section on the left-hand side of this page called 'Recent Posts' which links to the permalink of this article. Please check this article periodically to see how I get off and why not even read the articles. I hope to God it works now!

Search words – identifying them
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Overture's Suggestion Tool for search keywords

Domain Name Mapping, Go Daddy and Typepad

I had a recent post to my other site, Mad About Madrid asking for more details on how to go about domain name mapping - I think Marketing Tom is a better forum than the other site to discuss this issue. Here is a definition of domain name mapping from TypePad (the people who power this blog):

Domain Mapping is the process of pointing a registered domain name to a TypePad, weblog or photo album. Domain mapping is more than domain forwarding, because your permalinks and URL contain the address of your domain (, and not your TypePad sub-domain (

In my case the domain name maps to and all sub-pages are displayed under Since I last spoke about domain name mapping, the control panel on Godaddy has changed. This is the new procedure you now need to follow:

Step 1
Once you are in your control panel you select 'manage domains'

Step 2
Click on the domain name that you need to set domain name mapping up on

Step 3
In the bottom right-hand side of the page click 'Total DNS Control'. Then click Manage DNS Zone File' and add in the details.

From here, you can following the instructions on TypePad Domain Mapping

Tom Peters live – Free event!

If you like Tom Peters, then you may be interested to know that he will be holding a FREE web seminar on August 19th entitled Outsource-proof Your Career. He will be joined by Dan Pink author of Free Agent Nation.

Blogs I like

Apparently, there are over 2 million blogs out in 'cyberspace'. Here are 2 that I particularly like and which are also good Internet Marketing examples.

What's Your Brand Mantra?
This blog is written and developed by Jennifer Rice of Mantra Brand Solutions. Jennifer is a brand strategy consultant and uses the blog to discuss a wide range of issues related to branding. The site is simple, clean and focused and rarely wanders away from the subject of branding. From the comments on the site and references to other brand consultants, you can work out that Jennifer has built up quite a nice community. In fact, as a result of the blog she is working on a business project with another branding consultant. Like many business people who maintain their own blogs, she is not out to directly promote her own business, Mantra Brand Communications, yet anyone who has bought into what she says will undoubtedly make their way to her corporate site.

The Food Section
This is a fabulous site. Josh Friedland is passionate about his food and writes with passion about it. The Food Section includes articles on recipes, trips to food establishments and news on food events and practically every article invites comments from loyal FoodSection readers. Visitors to his Web site come in through a number of different routes, from links on other sites to food articles and obviously the search engines. The site has won praise from a number of food magazines and has got in to the well-known Yahoo! Picks Hall of Fame.

Search Engine users a huge variety of keywords to come in to the site, using words as varied as 'new york oyster festival' to 'soup dumplings', with Google listing 1,050 links to the Food Section and Yahoo! Listing 19,400 (Admittedly, both of these will include multiple links from the same blogs). However, through some searching you can see that a huge amount of ‘food bloggers’ have links to this site.

The key ingredients (oops!) to both these sites are:
1. A passion for what they write
2. A high-level of knowledge of the subject matter
3. An engaging writing style.

Email marketing – some easy-to-implement tips

Heidi Cohen in an article entitled Found Money: Eight "Quick Hits" offers 8 quick fix tips for generating untapped revenue for you business. I like tip number 4 - putting links at the bottom of all your employees' outgoing e-mail. Given the number of employees who send emails to friends and families, outgoing email messages offer an ideal opportunity to place links to a company's products.

See also:
Setting up Email Signatures

£50 voucher for Google AdWords (UK Only)

If you're based in the UK, you may be interested in a Google AdWords incentive which gives new companies who sign up for the service £50 worth of Google AdWords for FREE. The offer lasts until the 15th August. You simply need to type in your company name and address and wait for a voucher to come through by post.

For a limited period (in November 2007) Google is now offering a £30 AdWords Voucher 

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Survey Monkey – Allowing you to get closer to your customers

Today, I received an email from Six Apart, the people who provide the technology for this TypePad blog, inviting me to take part in an on-line survey. The email took me to the website of Survey Monkey, the people who provide the on-line survey technology. The survey took a very short time, had a nice look and feel and was easy to use. The objective of the survey was to ask me questions on how I found the TypePad service, what improvements I would like to see and what new features I would like to see to the service.

One of the keys to a successful website is the ability to collect timely information on your website's performance. For all those with websites, this is a neat tool to help you work out what users think about your site, whether you are addressing their needs, identifying issues with functionality and asking them how you can improve the service. The pricing appears to be very good, too:

Professional Subscription - $19.95/month for up to 1,000 responses.
Basic - maximum of 10 questions and 100 responses per survey.

Identifying Keywords via Yahoo!

Following a link from Seth Godin's site, Stick with me kid, I came across this interesting article on the Rugles blog regarding how Google can help people come up with appropriate search terms. The author explains how they were given a list of suggested/related words when looking for the word 'shoes'. The resulting suggestions included 'dc shoes', 'running shoes' and 'rockport shoes'; by further clicking on 'running shoes', they were presented with 'nike running shoes', 'brooks running shoes', etc.

The author noted that when they tried it out a second time, the results couldn't be replicated. I have just taken a look at Yahoo! and they do offer a similar option:

This tool could be quite useful in helping companies come up with suggestions on new keywords, for meta tags, page titles and for their site content. I would assume that the related words are generated from queries already carried out on Yahoo!

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Beware! – Scam from ‘Domain Name Registry of America’

I returned home from work yesterday to find a letter from the 'Domain Name Registry of America' advising me that my domain name,, was about to expire and that I should renew it for the price of £18 with the Domain them. With a name like the Domain Name Registry of America I thought that they must be some official body for the registration of domain names but no, they are some scam merchant looking for people to TRANSFER domain names away from their existing supplier to them for an inflated price. I pay GoDaddy something like $7 per year (£4) and my domain doesn't even expire until September of 2005. I did a quick search on the Internet last night and found the following articles relating to this company: Wins Stay Against Domain Registry of America
Court bars Canadian domain slammer
Boycot Domain Registry of America
Domain Registry of America, again.
Domain Registry of America (at it again??)

Please inform your business colleagues and friends of this scam and feel free to link back in to this article.