Beware! – Scam from ‘Domain Name Registry of America’

I returned home from work yesterday to find a letter from the 'Domain Name Registry of America' advising me that my domain name,, was about to expire and that I should renew it for the price of £18 with the Domain them. With a name like the Domain Name Registry of America I thought that they must be some official body for the registration of domain names but no, they are some scam merchant looking for people to TRANSFER domain names away from their existing supplier to them for an inflated price. I pay GoDaddy something like $7 per year (£4) and my domain doesn't even expire until September of 2005. I did a quick search on the Internet last night and found the following articles relating to this company: Wins Stay Against Domain Registry of America
Court bars Canadian domain slammer
Boycot Domain Registry of America
Domain Registry of America, again.
Domain Registry of America (at it again??)

Please inform your business colleagues and friends of this scam and feel free to link back in to this article.

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  1. Reuel on

    Does anyone out there have any idea about sites like:, and
    I am searching for a company that is genuine in sending visitors to my site. I am checking out on the above mentioned companies still.


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