Are you a ‘Sophisticated’ Search Marketer?

Pamela Parker in an article entitled Most Search Marketers Unsophisticated, discusses the findings of a recent Jupiter Research survey on Search Marketing. This research suggests that search marketers can be categorised as "Sophisticates" and "Unsophisticates"; the former being those who 'bid on keywords based on historical data or cost of goods sold, and measured performance at the keyword or keyword group level.'

The report found that of the 538 marketing correspondents only one quarter fell into the "Sophisticates" category and that they tended to be people with direct marketing experience and 2.5 - 3 years' experience in search marketing. Interestingly, retailers, financial services companies, communications firms and education providers fell into the "Sophisticates" category, with computer companies, travel companies, healthcare companies and professional services firms following into the "Unsophisticates" category.

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