Andy Grove – Leadership Role Model

Fortune Magazine has got a great feature in their latest issue on leaders and leadership - How to Become a Great Leader. There are many good articles in this issue (listed below) but the one article - The Education of Andy Grove - really caught my intention. Andy Grove, for those who don't know, survived both the Nazis and the Communists in Hungary before finally settling in the USA, where he completed his Doctorate. Andy Grove is an inspiration to us all and this article has some fascinating insights into what it takes to become a great leader.

Further articles from this issue
Grove of Academe
A photo shoot and a chance encounter spark a $26 million gift to his alma mater.
10 Top Leaders Tell Their Secrets
criticism. Let subordinates have the floor. And think more like Vaclav
Havel. What you can learn about leadership from Paul Tagliabue, A.G.
Lafley, Stan O'Neal and other heavyweights.
 Throw It at The Wall and See if It Sticks
Intuit, failure is very much an option as long as you learn from it.
How a Silicon Valley legend and a GE veteran teamed up to lead a
thriving culture of innovation.
Advice From the Master
From the pages of FORTUNE: Peter Drucker on the making of great business leaders.
Quoted Often, Followed Rarely
years after he published the "bible of software engineering," Fred
Brooks talks about managing teams of people and why projects so often
go wrong.
The Man Who Bought Elvis
Investor Robert Sillerman is combining the King, American Idol, and other entertainment assets to build his next media conglomerate.

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