Advergaming, The iPhone And Mobile Advertising

Before I write this post I would like to add a disclaimer - I do not spend my day playing games on the iPhone - I do, however, carry out a bit of research! This week whilst previewing the best apps for an iPhone on Mashable, I thought I would also check out some of the best iPhone games. Having downloaded and tried them out (as one does) I was so surprised - and very interested - to find the ways that advertisers had managed to occupy my iPhone viewing space. Here are 3 examples - two from games and one from a webpage:

The first is an ad placed on the menu screen for Sudoku. These ads rotate on a fairly frequent basis and the company that seems to be publishing them is called AdMob.


The next bit of advertising comes within a game itself. The game is called Real Racing GTI and, as you may have guessed, features VW's GtI cars. As you whiz around the track you are bombarded with a plethora of 'advertising hoardings' pushing the 2010 GTI, along with advertising from Bosch and Pirelli.It's pretty neat actually. Here's a video on YouTube which features both car and game.


And finally, here is some mobile advertising that is displayed on the Hi5 Social Network. You will notice if you look closely that the AdMob company is advertising the Tom Tom. This company, it may interest you to know, has just been taken over by Google!



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