3 Great Tools To Create Better Instagram For Business Updates

Every week there seems to be new developments in Social Media, designed to make the platforms easier to use or to create more functionality or as as ways to help you help them generate more money! Here are a few which are generally used on Instagram, but some can be used on Facebook, which will help offer a better experience for your customers. Instagram is definitely one channel that marketers need to consider, especially considering that there are 600 million "Instagrammers" and it is adding 50% more users per month these days than it had been over the previous two years.


Layout is an app by Instagram that lets you combine, flip and mirror multiple photos into a single image for a fun, one-of-a-kind take on your photos. You can do it all from your phone. Check out the video below to hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas for creating engaging photos. Download the app on iOS or Android.


According to Instagram with Boomerang "you can make everyday moments fun and unexpected with captivating mini videos that loop back and forth. All you need is a little movement, your phone and the Boomerang app for iOS or Android". A key ingredient for this app, along with the one below is movement.


Hyperlapse does away with the need for "bulky tripods and expensive equipment" - ideal in a world where most of us, and especially digital marketer, will have access to the latest smartphone technology. Hyperlapse seems to solve one of marketer's main bugbears and that is shaky video footage. And as Instagram says, "even the most common of subjects can turn into a cool, well-made video." Check out the video below and give the app a test drive on iOS or Android.

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