Twitter as Shop Assistant

Recently, I was updating the slides on the Social Media Marketing workshop and was looking for some interesting uses of Twitter by companies. One in particular that caught my eye was from Zappos, the large US shoe retailer. This Twitter account has a lot of activity and lots of chat going on between Zappos customer care and their customers. Notice how Twitter followers are confident enough to ask questions of the team at Zappos:

And the team at Zappos are more than happy to help the customer out:

With more and more companies setting up listening posts on Twitter and actively responding to visitor questions I thought I'd try out and see how some companies in the UK responded to certain types of request from me. Here are a selection:

Marks and Spencer

British Airways


I must admit that when I fired off these tweets I thought it more likely that they would be ignored. However, I did receive fast (and relevant) replies from two of the companies within an hour - that was BA and Waterstones. I am still waiting to hear from M and S but don't doubt that they are listening and responding to customers (though on this occasion not to me!).

I think that this interactivity between client and customer and customer to customer will grow quite dramatically over the next year. And what we are seeing is a shift from Google searches to Social searches and queries. Like many aspects of social media we will see that it will take quite a bit of time for these sorts of queries to go mainstream as people are not used to this sort of interaction with companies.

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