Steve Jobs – The Master of Disruption

Fortune Magazine has an interesting article on Steve Jobs, which not only looks at how the stories surrounding Disney linking to Pixar, but takes a closer look at Steve Jobs, the Master of Disruption. It discusses how Steve Jobs has managed to create two different  models :

Apple's trick has been not just its game-changing tech breakthroughs
(music and computers made easy) but its relentless push to disrupt
itself before others have a chance to do so
. "The thing that most
people don't realize about Steve is that he is not only really good at
taking technology and turning it into good-looking, easy-to-use
products, he's really good at doing it faster than anyone else," says
Paul Saffo of the Institute of the Future in Palo Alto.

The article goes on to give a an example of how Apple did the unforgvable - making a successful product obsolete within 18 months:

The first one released four years ago had a monochrome screen and a
five-gigabyte hard drive. Now it has a color screen and a 60-gigabyte
hard drive at roughly the same price. What other business would
obsolete a successful product like the iPod mini after only 18 months
to introduce the nano?

I think that Tom Peters used to talk about destroying your business before anyone else does. Steve Jobs seems to follow the same mantra and makes sure that he keeps moving the goalposts for his competitors all the time.

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