Exemptions for the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing

For the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing you may be eligible for an exemption from one of the units. If this is the case, then you need only study 2 units instead of the three. To apply for an exemption, you will need to complete an exemption form and submit a copy of your degree transcript and syllabus. There is a £85 fee, payable to CIM, which covers reviewing the application and, if approved, recognising, accrediting and ratifying a unit from one qualification to another. Only one exemption is available per qualification and, once used, you cannot use the exemption again for a different CAM qualification.


  • If you hold a CIM Level 4 Professional Certificate in Marketing or above or any degree with sufficient relevant marketing content, exemptions for Marketing and Consumer Behaviour are available.
  • If you hold the Institute of Direct Marketing Diploma from 2007, an exemption is available for
  • Digital Marketing Essentials unit.

Credit Transfer

  • The e-Marketing award will be accepted as alternative to and not an exemption against Digital Marketing Planning unit. As the CIM e-Marketing award gives a credit transfer there is no exemption fee payable.

To discuss exemptions and other issues regarding your application to study with Marketing Tom Media, please give us a call on 02920 005 778.

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