What Will 2011 Bring? Social Media Predictions

by alunadmin on January 6, 2011

This is what some of the top Social Media and Digital sites are saying will be the top trends of 2011.

ReadWriteWeb reckon that Companies will integrate social feedback into their decision making process. They will move from using Social Media to raise awareness and offer support and start using social media data to inform strategic decisions.

They also reckon that Mobile will become our gateway to the world. With sales of Smartphones starting to overtake that of desktops and laptops and much more use of email through mobile devices and they say that we are at a tipping point where: "Mobile device users will interact with content, companies and the Web more on their phones and iPads than on their computers, and IT and service providers will create solutions that are defined by our mobile consumption and use behaviors."

Clickz believes that Social search will flex its muscle and Social commerce will flex its muscle. They also see geo location tools being used more extensively and see this on the horizon:

We will see more practical use of geo-location tools. For example, if you go to Starbucks every morning, as soon as you are in the car and 10 minutes away from the store, your coffee order will be placed and ready when you arrive.

Entrepreneur also sees us using location-based marketing more and being "comfortable with checking in to a business." They also see us using For Cause Tweet-a-thons, which are basically the use of Twitter to promote and encourage followers to donate to certain causes. Aside from the move towards WordPress-Based Websites, they also see the growth in Review Sites and believed they would dominate the social media landscape.

Mashable has as 1 of its 6 trends Social Networking Trend of 2011: Mobile Photos. They say that though

social photography is nothing new (Flickr and Facebook dominate), mobile photography is just beginning to blossom, thanks to apps like Instagram, PicPlz, Path, and Dailybooth.

Jeremiah Owyang sees it this way 2011 The Year of Integration. He sees 2011 being the year when we'll be able to sign it directly to corporate sites and get customised information.

VentureBeat sees the following playing out:

Social marketing will move beyond Facebook and LinkedIn. What this means is that marketers will stop thinking in terms of putting "limited information" on Facebook and LinkedIn and try and work out how to:

influence and encourage the transmission of information across the vastly larger real social networks their customers inhabit.

Like other people they see that Social customer service will drive revenue and that Social will penetrate deeper into company structures. Here's an interesting one, though - Go live or go home. They see that as we now have more power with Social Media communication, companies should be reacting to customers issues in real-time.

What do you see as the 2011 Social Media or Digital Trends?

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