Are You Paying Attention To Your Mobile Traffic?

by alunadmin on July 19, 2010

I was just doing some work on for a Google AdWords client and on trying to reconcile AdWords and Analytics traffic and conversions came across this interesting stat. You will be able to find it in the following location:

Dashboard > Visitors > Mobile > Mobile Devices

Google Analytics

The client is in the Travel industry and the time frame is the last 30 days. I find it interesting that the iPhone, iPod and iPad (which is a new entrant) dominate the listings. For me this stat throws up all sorts of questions:

  • Have we considered the ability for these devices to view the content - I'm thinking video and Flash - on our website?
  • How do people actually find us?
  • Are our Google AdWords optimised - e.g. in terms of calls to action - for these devices?
  • Do we need to consider Mobile sites?
  • Have we thought about how quickly we help people navigate around our site?

So, have you checked out your Analytics stats and considered what are their implications to your online presence?

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