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by alunadmin on May 5, 2010


Over the Rainbow - the show where Andrew Lloyd Webber and the public get to choose who will play Dorothy in the upcoming West End musical Over the Rainbow. Well, for research purposes (obviously!) I decided to check out the BBC microsite for this series and see how they are using different digital tools. 

The obvious tool that they are using is BBC iPlayer, which allows you to view programmes and see some of the clips of the contestants and panel. Unfortunately, the BBC doesn't allow you to 'share' these videos on your own blogs or sites. However, the Over the Rainbow team have used a few other social media tools.


Over the Rainbow has a Twitter account, with over 4,000 followers, which basically offers information on the contestants/show throughout the week and a Twitter conversation on show night (Saturday) and votes night (Sunday). It is used to broadcast information as opposed to engaging in conversations with the followers. This may be so they don't to be favouring any one contestant.


Closely linked to the Twitter account and to add a bit of 'virality' to this platform Twibbons allow Twitter users to modify their profile pics with added images and colour. For Over the Rainbow you can add the series logo or say 'I love Steff' or even turn yourself into a lion, scarecrow or tin man! All good fun but which helps keep the programme in the eye of the public and make others aware of its existence.  


The Facebook Dorothy page already has 19,000+ fans (of should I say 'likers'!) and growing at a pace. It is quite an active fan page and discussions take place right through the day. The team at Over the Rainbow seem to steer conversations along a little bit, such as asking for Dorothy manifestos (not election ones) and giving you behind-the-scenes pictures; though in the main the fans are very active with both comments, discussions and pictures. 


The BBC have also added in links from Wikipedia and IMDB movie database in case you wanted to find information regarding the musical and film.

All-in-all a pretty safe use of Social Media by the BBC for this series. I would like to see how the fans of both Facebook and Twitter increase over coming weeks and i look forward to seeing my first Dorothy Twibbon!

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