Speed Matters At Google

by alunadmin on November 10, 2006

At the Web 2.0 Summit Marissa Mayer, one of Google's top executives, told attendees that speed was the critical driver of Web 2.0. According to Zdnet:

In testing out the user interface for Google search, Mayer said that
with more results for a query, users were spending less time on the
site. It turned out that the cause wasn't just the paradox of
choice–paralyzed by too many choices–but the fact that a page with 10
results was half a second faster that the page with 30 results. So,
Google set about making the page with more results faster, and the rest
is history.

And here's an amazing fact:

Part of Google's secret sauce is that a round trip for a search query
that returns a result in .05 seconds touches 300 to 700 Google machines
across the country, Mayer said. "Users really respond to speed," she

And on Google Maps:

When the Google Maps home page was put on a diet, shrunk from 100K to
about 70K to 80K, traffic was up 10 percent the first week and in the
following three weeks, 25 percent more, she said.

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