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2014 Internet Trends from Mary Meeker

by Admin on June 25, 2014

If you'd like to know how the Internet looks today - mobile, search, social - check out Mary Meeker's outstanding Slideshare presentation (you'll even get a glimpse of what is around the corner). There are 164 slides of some of the best Internet data available - I often point my students in the direction of these yearly updates.

Alun John


How To Generate Some Buzz on Twitter

by Admin on June 20, 2014

easyjet2As many of you are aware the World Cup is going on in Brazil and things are not going too well for England - played two, lost two. The only hope for England is if Italy beat Costa rica in their second game of the group today. An Italy win is crucial to keeping England in the World Cup - at least until the next round of games!

To this end EasyJet have come up with the idea of trying to get their fan base to show their support for Italy. They are invited to take a selfie of themselves and publish it with the hashtag #shadesofblue on Facebook or on Twitter. Winners will be offered a free trip to Italy.


It's certainly a simple idea which they hope will lead to retweets and increased chatter around this topic.


Are You Ready For Twitter’s New Profile Pages?

May 10, 2014

Tweet Twitter has recently launched its new Twitter profile pages (April 22nd to be exact). The layout profile pages mean that Twitter is now following the same path as Facebook, LinkedIn and others. For those of us who use Twitter from our desktop device (not often in my case) we tend to rarely check our […]

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Beer, Bingo and the Power of User-Generated Content

March 25, 2014

Tweet George Osborne revealed his budget last week and it signalled, amongst other things, a 1p cut in beer duty and a 10% cut (or a having) in bingo duty. Recognising this as an opportunity to spread the good news Grant Schapps, Tory Party Chairman, created an ad with an image of said 'good news' […]

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Apple Mac..It Was 30 Years Ago Today!

February 7, 2014

Tweet As many of you are aware I am a huge Apple fanboy and today marks the 30th Anniversary of the Mac. Can you remember the first Mac product that you started using? Mine was the original Apple Macintosh which I discovered in a computer lab in 1985. That sense of wonder at Apple's brilliance […]

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Jelly – The Next Big Thing in Mobile Apps?

January 8, 2014

Tweet Biz Stone is the co-found/inventor of Twitter and he has just released a mobile app called Jelly. The principle is simple: you take a picture and ask others to answer or it or conversely, you go through others pictures and try to answer their questions. The people you ask with either be your followers […]

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The Benefit of Twitter to SME’s (SMB’s)

December 2, 2013

Tweet I just came across this interesting (August, 2013) infographic that was created by Market Probe International for Twitter. The survey interviewed 500 people over 18 years of age from the US and UK and who currently follow SME's on Twitter. If you're an SME, you may find the results of relevance.

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New Google Analytics Course To Be Launched – Starts January!

November 12, 2013

Tweet Marketing Tom Media is pleased to announce that from January it will be offering a new Google Analytics course. We have been working on it for the past 4 weeks and have now set a date for its launch: January 31st, 2014. This course is aimed at users of Analytics who would like to […]

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Useful Tools for Using Twitter

November 11, 2013

Tweet Twitter is one of the topics we cover in most depth on the Social Media Courses that we run. And there are so many things that you can do with it apart from tweeting! Here are some tools that I think you may find quite useful. If you're getting annoyed at receiving retweets from […]

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