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Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

by Admin on May 14, 2015

You may be familiar, or just heard, of the periodic table of chemical elements but I thought I'd share with you the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors. We have started to introduce this to students on both the Digital Marketing Planning and Digital Marketing Essentials courses that we run. As Search Engine Land, the authors, note: "SEO seems like alchemy to the uninitiated " but this useful diagrammatic representation of the key factors will hopefully offer you some clues as to what you should be focusing on for success. They divide the table into "On-The-Page-SEO" and "Off-The-Page-SEO" and each element is ranked from -3 to +3. We hope that it will help you to look at SEO in a slightly different way.

SearchEngineLand-Periodic-Table-of-SEO-2013-medium-3 Bla, bla


liberty-adwordsWould you like to learn how to use Google AdWords successfully? Our two-day workshop aims to take AdWords users from beginner/intermediate-level to intermediate/advanced-level knowledge and experience of using this most powerful of mediums. The course is delivered on two consecutive months to give people  people time to explore and understand the foundations of AdWords and then to apply them to their own organisations.


Marketing Tom Media has collaborated with Liberty Marketing, a Google Partner and one of the top 10 AdWords agencies in the UK, to create an interactive two-day course that will teach you how to take your AdWords to another level. You will also learn the secrets of some of the best PPC campaigns in the UK. Check our Google AdWords Training page to find out more.


New Search Analytics Reports in Webmaster Tools

May 7, 2015

Tweet Google is currently rolling out a new (beta) tool within Webmaster Tools. Replacing Search Queries, the Search Analytics tool allows you to analyse your search queries in more detail. The search box within Search Analytics lets you measure 'Clicks', 'Impressions', 'CTR' and 'Position' against Queries, Pages, etc (see below). This update is certainly an […]

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Tweeting With Comments Comes To Twitter

April 18, 2015

Tweet One of the main complaints that people have with Twitter is that, unlike third party or mobile apps, such as Tweetdeck or Twitter for Mobile, you can't add a comment to your retweets (unless you do them manually). Well, no more! Early last week Twitter FINALLY launched its "ReTweet with Comment" feature on the […]

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How’s This For A Shortened URL?

March 24, 2015


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Using Twitter Ads To Target Specific Twitter Audiences

March 12, 2015

Tweet The other day I came across a website called Squared which is: the award-winning digital marketing course for ambitious marketing managers, bright grads and professionals looking to enter the industry. Built by the best practitioners and delivered online, we are a new movement in career learning. Curious as to what this new offering was, […]

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12 Tools To Help You Analyse Competitors Online

March 9, 2015

Tweet Very often when asked to conduct consultancy for clients I will begin by looking at how effective their competitors are online. It is important to understand how you compare with your competitors and to learn and evaluate how well they are using digital tools. This is also something that the students on our CAM […]

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Well Done To Our CAM Diploma Students!

March 3, 2015

Tweet Once again our CAM Diploma students have done us proud. Everyone has passed their chosen modules and a couple of students have now achieved their CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing. They have worked very hard to achieve this qualification and we wish those students all the very best in their digital marketing careers/endeavours. For […]

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Three Apps To Play Around With This Weekend

February 13, 2015

Tweet These are three apps that I have started to use recently and which I'd like to share with you. The first is Canva, a online graphic design tool which allows you to create great designs, using Canva's resources or even uploading your own. I'm using it a the moment to create enhanced Twitter photos […]

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